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If you are interested in a second home in Greece, please fill out your personal information and indicate your preferences. That will give us a first impression of your desires. Of course, this does not imply any obligation. These data are confidential and shall not be passed on to third parties.


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I am familiar with the province of Messinia, the most western part of the Peloponnesos:

I might be interested in a second house in Greece:
as a holiday home
as permanent place of residence
as investment

My interest in a second house in Greece is:
rather specific
still a dream for now

If you would like to purchase a second house in Greece, how much would you be willing to spend:
€140.000 > €180.000 k.k.
€180.000 > €220.000 k.k.
€220.000 > €260.000 k.k.
€260.000 > €300.000 k.k.
€300.000 > €400.000 k.k.
> €400.000 k.k.

If you can select your own building lot, which size do you prefer:
1.330 m²
2.000 m²
4.000 m²

Which location do you prefer:
very quiet, 100% privacy, no neighbours, at a certain distance from the village
quiet, a few neighbours, a lot of privacy, not too far from a village
quiet, several neighbours, sufficient privacy, in the vicinity of a village

If you would have a new house built, which floor surface do you prefer?
66,5 m² living space with a terrace + garage/cellar
80,0 m² living space with a terrace + garage/cellar
100 m² living space with a terrace + garage/cellar

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