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Name Karin and Ron Goldewijk Date / Tijd 8-1-2016 / 23:03
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Karin en Ron Goldewijk

Datum / Tijd

2-10-2014 / 20:51


Droomplek in Griekenland


 Subject: dream spot in Greece 

Bea and Joop helped us excellent at finding and buying a beautiful piece of land overlooking the sea and islands in Greece. Our dream location where we will build our dream house.

Joop has given us all the time and attention to go through the exciting process of buying without too much stress.

Together with Joop, we have visited many locations and found beautiful in the region. Recommended.

Name Pelops Greek Houses Date / Tijd 8-1-2016 / 22:49
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Onno Koning

Datum / Tijd

20-5-2015 / 8:23


Huizen gekocht nabij Gialova




We have since 2011 searched in the region around Gialovafor a holiday house fot the family.Every spring we stayed in Gialova and we have a few days looking around along with Joop at various houses.In early 2015 we finally made our choice and bought the house of our dreams, and that in the midst of the Greek crisis.

Joop (and Bea) are patient, accurate in their answers and think along with you in your needs as a client / family for the purchase of a house.

Besides its own offer Joop has a good local network so you can view a wide range. I would absolutely recommend Joop as a broker when you are going to look seriously in Messinia / Pelopennesos for a holiday house.

Name Pelops Greek Houses Date / Tijd 8-11-2015 / 22:47
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Name: Hans en Marian Huiskens
Dear Joop and Bea,
Thank you for your help in realizing our dream in Greece.
From the first meeting on the second home exhibition we immediately had a good feeling. And when we arrived in Greece in June that feeling only gotten better. We eventually bought a house in Evangalismos nearby Finikoundas. Joop has helped us tremendously well and gone several times on tour with us to watch houses. We have everything turned over to Joop when we had returned to the Netherlands and we were convinced that it would be okay.
Because we were not in Greece at the transfer of our house we have the completion of the sale left to Joop, he has arranged everything for us together with our lawyer and Marita from the Real Estate agency.
We could not have done it better ourselves. We also thank Thomas and
especially Marita she has also assisted us tremendously well. And not to mention Bea for the wonderful coffee.
Thanks again and till September.

Name Pelops Greek Houses Date / Tijd 8-11-2015 / 22:04
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Name: Arjan, Cristel en de kinderen Jessie en Sanne
Subject: Thank you Joop and Bea
Date: 08-08-2007
Joop and Bea, thanks very much for the time you have spent with us. Arriving at the third D the fourth D appears closer. We hope for a good cooperation further and can anyone recommend to talk with an open mind and do business with Joop and Bea. Sincerely, Arjan, Cristel and children

Name Pelops Greek Houses Date / Tijd 8-11-2015 / 22:03
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Name: Pieter & Ella
Thank you
Date: 31-07-2007
Dear Joop and Bea,
We also want to show on your website how much we have appreciated your assist in finding a home in the Peloponnese.
In the short time we had available Joop has led us very efficiently to locations that could be of interest to us. This has resulted in the preliminary purchase of the house of our dreams - a beautiful house in a truly unique place.
Also your hospitality and personal conversations we have
experienced as very enjoyable.
We are fully confident that the final transfer planned end of October, all will go well.
Thank you very much for all the help so far and in the future!
Greetings and adiejo, Peter and Ella

Name Pelops Greek Houses Date / Tijd 8-11-2015 / 22:01
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Name: Vondervoort

Hi hi we are a family with two children and would like go and live in Greece but it is little difficult for us to find something affordable up to 160,000 euros hopefully you can help us thank you leon and nancy

Name Pina Basu Date / Tijd 21-1-2012 / 18:06
Subject Thank you Bea and JoopIP adress saved: Saved

First and foremost I\'d like to thank Bea and Joop for their professionalsim as well as their astuteness for quickly understanding which properties would appeal to me and for not wasting my time with those that clearly would not. Your choices were exquisite and I say this as an interior designer and experienced investor in real estate.

It is my pleasure to recommend you to prospective buyers.  My best wishes to you both.

Pina Basu



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